The new “Joker” movie comes out in a few days…

And as one would expect, the snow flakes, cry babies and social justice warriors are already bitching – about something they have not even seen yet,  referring to Joker as “aggressive and possibly irresponsible”. Well HELLO MORONS, that is the Joker, he is not a boy scout or a red cross volunteer, he is a villain.

We here at EarCandy Magazine have 11 words of good advice for you.

If you don’t like the joker, DON’T go see the movie.

Don’t sit and whine and cry and editorialize a fictional character, it makes you look uneducated and foolish.

Now that is some sage advice for all you “woke” fart sniffers out there. I am sure there is a rated G children’s movie you can go see that wont bind your panties up so tight they cut the circulation off to your tiny little brain.

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