EarCandy BassBomb review after 11 years

I’ve used the EarCandy BassBomb, along with a Markbass LMII for over eleven years now. Before I purchased this rig I did a lot of research, I had several criteria but one of them was that I wanted reliable equipment that would last me ten years, I ultimately chose the Markbass and EarCandy brands in part because of their stellar reputations for durability. Before I purchased the BassBomb I was asked by designer Tim Paulsen what I was sonically trying to achieve. I told him that my detuned 5 string (tuned ADGCF) bass sometimes lost clarity in the lowest registers of the instrument and also that some of the effects I used reached frequencies that humans can’t hear. The cabinet I received was a 2X12 vertical with two different speakers installed, identified as “Bass212V, Delta/Kappa” on the invoice. I remember my first impressions of this cabinet. I first got the BassBomb and plugged it in on a gig, “Damn!” was the drummers one word review. The band was a power trio with lots of room to play too many notes. After the set, a touring band who was headlining asked for the brand name and told me (paraphrasing) “I never heard such low notes articulated so quickly and clearly”. Without a tweeter the overall tone is sort of what you might call “vintage”. You’re not gonna get glassy highs or excessive sheen out of this cabinet but having said that I instantly noticed how the tone knob on my instrument now had a greater range of expression, I could clearly hear small adjustments made. This BassBomb was designed to handle 900 watts, the current version handles 1000 Watts, the Markbass LMII spits out 500 watts max. This set up could not distort on its own. The BassBomb seems to take all you can dish out with a “is that all you got?!?” kind of attitude. Extreme effects that the BassBomb is able to articulate clearly are often overwhelming for other cabinets that I was offered as backline or in rehearsal studios. I have been known to bring the BassBomb, even if there is a backline, for shows I feel I need to bring my A game. The BassBomb tucks neatly behind a drummers floor tom but can easily dominate most of the stages I have payed on. I rented the BassBomb/LMII rig it to a friend coming from out of town for a gig, the dude plays upright bass. He told me that although he would have liked a tweeter in the cabinet he was surprised at how quickly he was able to get a good sound out of the rig and enjoyed the tone. Another member of his band said he sounded great that show. For eleven years the BassBomb has never failed and continues to inspire me to create great music.

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