MALMØ : Bleed Me Dry

Bleed Me Dry, the brand new single by Danish artist MALMØ, is out now via Integrity Records.

The track and accompanying video comprise Part II of the forthcoming EP, The Inevitable End, a prediction in 4 parts – each one representing a different way of the world collapsing if we don´t change our behaviour.

With an urban trip-hop vibe built around mesmerising Nordic throat beats, percussive electronica from co-producer Christian Tronhjem provides a dark underscore for multi-layered vocals as Maria pleads: “You can’t lose someone that you really love”.

Working closely with Kasper Vindeløv (graphic designer) and Noemi Müller (videographer) on each of the 4 Parts, MALMØ are keen to add to the wider discussion of the potentially irreparable damage mankind seems intent on inflicting upon its own planet.

As the inspiration behind Bleed Me Dry, vocalist/songwriter Maria offers a chilling thought:

“We eat poison, we have troubled sleep, we breathe polluted air – children are dying in their mother’s womb. What if women become unable to carry healthy babies, so the next generation is never born?

We already worship external perfection; superficiality rules over substance. So when they perish inside us we stay quiet, ashamed that we couldn’t be the perfect female with perfect reproduction. But perfect on the outside hides chaos on the inside. Extinction looms. It won´t be long now … The Inevitable End.”

The Inevitable End EP follows 2018’s critically acclaimed debut album We Come From The Stars, with spot plays on BBC 6 Music, BBC Ulster, Amazing Radio, Shoreditch Radio & numerous regional stations, Spotify playlisting from the likes of Crack In The Road, Alex Rainbird, Double J & TUNE, & Spotify editorial support across the Nordics and Asia.