The Future of Guitar & Bass amps

Is the future going to remain in the past with the addition of a few technological advancements while still utilizing tubes or is the future of Guitar and Bass tone going to embrace this new solid state and modeling technology like Kemper and Quilter?

If you did like I did and paid close attention to the big acts on tour this summer, what they were using and why, then you know the answer to this question.

T  U  B  E  S

I am sure Quilter, Kemper, Fractal and the like build fine products, however, I had the rare opportunity to sit through some sound checks while the guitar players for several bands, stretching across several generations and genre’s tuned up and plugged into some of these sold state creatures. One individual in particular was really hoping the quilter would foot the bill because he is tired of dragging around a couple of old SUNN heads. He brings 2 on tour, anticipating that one is going to break at some point along the way.

The drummer gave the 4 count and the lead guitarist started playing the melodic groove and it sounded great……. until 8 seconds later when the other guitar player, Bass player and drummer were all kicked into the groove and we could no longer hear the solid state  Quilter rig, he was buried, gone, disappeared in the mix. Unconvinced, he grabbed another solid state 200 watt head, a Saturnpedalworks A/B/Y and another 2×12 and dimed both heads. NOW we could hear him. However, the tone was so bad, so shallow and undefined he called it quits about 45 seconds into the song.

Frustrated, he yanked the signal and speaker cables from his pedal board, hooked everything back up the way he is used to playing it, with a SUNN Concert lead and Mesa Dual rectifier, the drummer gave the 4 count and about 6 seconds later, my rib cage was vibrating, the sound man shook his head and they were off into a land of depth, concussion and clarity that the SS amps will just never come close to.

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